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Teaching gymnastics for over 
30 years in the Dekalb County Area.
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Tumbling classes are specifically designed for boys and girls who just want to learn how to floor tumble. Whether you're trying out for cheerleading or another sporting event, or brushing up on your gymnastic tumbling skills, or just want to learn tumbling tricks for the pure fun of it, this class is perfect for you.

Energym is a State of the art Tumbling Facility:
 Tumble Tramps · Trampoline · Resi-Pits · Foam Pits  
 Spring Floors · Tumble Trak  

Class Descriptions

​Beginner Tumbling
1st Grade and Up
60 Minute Class

This class is designed to help categorize the fundamental tumbling skills into three different groups:  Balance and support, Rotation and Springing, and Landing.  Learning these three groups provides the basics for all tumbling skills.  Basics such as cartwheels, round-offs, handstand fall to bridge, and standing back bends.  This is recommended for students with little to no tumbling experience and EVERYONE with ENERGY!

​Novice Tumbling
1st Grade and Up
60 Minute Class
**Prequisite - Beginner Tumbling or Knowledge of body positions, series of cartwheels, clean round-off, handstand fall to bridge.

The goal of this class is to develop the momentum and strength to turn their handstand fall to bridge and their back bends into front and back limbers.  This is the first step in learning a Back Handspring !

Intermediate Tumbling
1st Grade and Up
60 Minute Class
**Prequisite - Novice Tumbling or ​clean round-off, back bend kick over, front lumber, working knowledge of back handspring.

The goal of this class is to be able to perform a standing back handspring and to connect it with a round-off.  Series of back handsprings will be introduced as well as front handsprings.  Strength training will also be implemented. Athletes will be introduced to  connecting their back handspring to a back tuck.

Advance Tumbling
1st Grade and Up
​60 Minute Class
**Prequisite - Intermediate Tumbling or a standing back handspring, round-off back handspring, front handspring, and a working knowledge of  back tuck.

The goal of this class is a round-off back handspring back tucks, layouts and perfect​ed back tucks. Back twisting and front flying will be introduced.

Groups Cheer Tumbling
Contact our Office

A great opportunity for your Cheer Team to maintain and learn New Tumbling skills for your upcoming season. Cheerleading coaches, please contact our office for further information. A minimum of 5 Students is required.

Call for Available Days/Times and Prices.​

Private Tumbling
Contact our Office

​Need some extra, more personalized help getting that Flip Flop or Back Handspring or Standing Back. Then check out our low Student/Teacher ratio Private Tumbling Lessons. We offer one on one privates, semi-privates, and small group privates.

Call for Available Days/Times and Prices.

We NOW provide a Streamlined and Simplified way to schedule Privates.
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  • Make-UPs
  • Continuous Enrollment

Private Tumbling Policies :  

What to Wear / What to Do

​Let's Talk Safety at the Gym !
​Here at Energym we strive to teach your children gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. There are some things you as parents can do to help. We will talk to the children daily about staying safe, but we would also like you to remind them about how to stay safe in the gym. 

Proper Attire:
All girls should wear a leotard or gym shorts/yoga shorts with a tank top t-shirt is acceptable if a it's tucked in and and she is wearing a sports bra or tank top underneath. No baggie clothing. No socks or tights, just bare feet. Long hair must be tied back, away from face. No jewelry or hanging earrings. Stud earrings may be worn.

All boys should wear a t-shirt tucked into stretch shorts or sweat pants. No zippers, buckles or snaps.

Before Class:
Arrive 5-10 minutes early so students can be ready before class starts. Remind them they are there to learn and have fun. It is not free time. Talk with your child about staying in line, listening and following directions. Keep all siblings off the equipment and out of unauthorized areas. Please do not allow them to run around viewing areas or to jump off chairs or benches. We want to respect the other family's that are here to view classes. 

During Class:
Students must wait for class to start before going on any of the equipment. Absolutely no horseplay or running around in the gym, this if for their safety. Listen and follow the rules of your instructor. Keep your hand to yourself at all times. Child must get permission from instructor to leave group to use the restroom.

Our Tumbling Program teaches a full range of tumbling skills for kids 1st grade & Up
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Private Tumbling Policies
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